The birth of an idea can evolve in many different ways, and sometimes is about to allow some sad feelings go through because they can also bring nice things.
It is now 9 months since I do not have my dogs with me, and I miss them insanely. Sometimes I do not even want to see their pictures because I know that tears might jump out of my eyes.
However, some days ago I was feeling blue while at the studio and it happened that I started to roll papers and clued them together, I knew that I was about to start a new project but I had no idea what was that what was coming to my hands right then.
I didn’t stop to discuss the process with myself about what kind of strange project I would be going to get involved in, so I followed on rolling papers. After a while I had few square structures which I tied together to build something which became the support of a considerable amount of clay which I started to crush, knead, stretch and cut to finally put around the paper construction.



Schnauzer Sculpture portrait.


Suddenly I could see that I was starting to work on a real life size head of a Schnauzer.
According to the proportions which I was measuring, quite unconsciously, I found out that I was going to build my own dog Posh.
This dog had been the model of one of my latest portrait projects, and it seems that I still had a fresh feeling in my hands and a deep need to really bring this dog back to my life as real as could be possible.
Once I was totally conscious of what I was starting to do things were clear and I was ready to bring this project to life. It took me several days to shape it and I am quite pleased with the results.

Last reviews.


How it goes…

You can also watch a video of the almost finished work.
Now I wait until January to give the final touches. Will it be glazed, will I engobe it? Who knows, but I’m curious to see how it looks like in the end.

AND To those who are missing someone who you will not be able to see again in this life, I tell you:  do not give up, do not surrender to tears, it is still possible to see them reflected in our lives by the lessons they taught us and the impressions they left in our life.  


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