Watercolor & Ink Paintings

My Watercolor and Ink paintings are created in different in a fresh style with simple strokes and free use of color. Playing between the realistic and whimsical expression.
They come in different custom sizes from 10 to 30 cm. 
Price range €70 – €150.
Portraits from Photos starting from €120.
(see examples below)

Each Painting is sold as an ORIGINAL. If you wish to buy one of the currently available or have a special request get email applerainart@gmail.com
Click on images to enlarge.

Dog portrait watercolor

Would you like to Commission a Watercolour of your favourite breed or your own dog?
Email applerainart@gmail.com 






If you wis h to add one of these Watercolor to your collection get in touch! 
Email: applerainart@gmail.com

You don’t find your breed? Maybe I can do it! Let me know what you are looking for.

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