Tiny Dogs on the Rocks!

“Tiny dogs on the rock” is a series of sculptures inspired by my own dog George.
Since we moved to the mountains a few weeks ago our walks in nature became a new source of inspiration. George enjoys climbing the Alps and he always looks very proud when he stands on top of a big rock. He surely owns the place.
Every morning we walk different mountain roads and during our journey, I can’t help but admire the beautiful stones laying along the way. One day I started picking them up because they were pretty, and then it was obvious that they should become part of my work.
norfolk terrier sculpture
dog ceramic sculptures
Dandie Dinmont Terrier sculpture

The series started in July with two Schnauzers who were part of the tiny series, and then of course a bunch of Terrier had to join!!

 The little pieces fit on a hand they are super cute!

The first ones were finished in color, like real dogs, and then, as I experimented with Raku, I took two of them with me and they turned out fantastic! 

I will continue the series during August. If you love these and would like a special breed on the rock feel free to get in touch and place an order. 

email me at applerainart@gmail.com

 With each piece you get a piece of the Alps 😉


norwich terrier sculpture
black miniature schnauzer sculpture
sealyham terrier sculpture raku ceramic
skye terrier ceramic sculpture raku
miniature schnauzer sculpture

Interested in a custom sculpture of your own dog? 
Check out more information HERE

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