So, here is the second part step by step on how my ceramic doggies come to life.
After the color decision was made is all about to plan it well and go ahead.
As you saw (in previous post) there was a lot of waiting involved, and the coloring process is not different. I cannot speak about hours or days because overtime is different, but I can tell you that the total work can take up to two months to be ready.
The salt and pepper I’m doing with engobe, so I apply it before the clay has been fired for the first time.

  1. Take the subject/s.
  2. Apply grey color on body and let it dry.
  3. Apply white color on legs.
  4. Apply black on body (and wait)
  5. Apply white on body
  6. Cross fingers
  7. Proceed to the head
  8. WAIT AGAIN!!!
    Now the clay must be totally dry before it can go into the kiln for the first time where it will be burn at almost 1000*C.
  9. After it’s been in the kiln once it must go again to almost 1300*C, only then we will see the final results…
  10. Bite nails and wait again and again 🙂

If you survive the anxiety in January you will see these dogs ready

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