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West highland White Terrier sculpture

Skye Terrier

The Skye Terrier, is one of the most endangered native breeds in the UK, and I make my best with my art to keep these gorgeous dogs alive. 

Art is a statement and such is mine to represent pure breed dogs that are meaningful and valuable for humanity. 

I saw the first Skye in 2011. Later in 2013 when I was already doing my art I was asked to represent them. I have made many attempts to capture them, and I have failed many times too. 

However, it is a tradition for me to create a series of Skyes every year. I do that normally around August and every piece tends to fly away from my hands. 

I keep learning about them every time and recently I also included paintings to my collection.
In this page you can see some previous Skye artwork I created.



If you’d like to have your very own Skye sculpture or painting, get in touch

sky terrier raku ceramic
westie painting on white background
skye terrier painting
West highland white terrier sculpture
West highland white terrier sculptures
sky terrier ceramic
cute westie face
West highland white terrier sculptures
skye terrier

Would you like a Skye?

Occasionally there are sculptures and paintings available, but it is also possible to order some custom paintings or sculptures! If you have questions or inquires, please get in touch!

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