This is a special post for those of you who are going to miss the holidays season… Christmas may be over now, but I’m sure some are already thinking what is going to be next project. I have a little treat for you. 

My Facebook friend Kathy Thom has been my guest blogger the past two years sharing her most amazing Christmas Village with an imcreadible amount of Schnauzrers. I was fascinated since the first time I saw it. Her maquette had everythinhg I love, SCHNAUZERS, Snow, Mountains, Creativity and the most amazing Christmas spirit. She starts working well ahead of time and shares her progress which I love to follow. Once more she agreed to share the project with us. A compilation of images of the progress and the final Village. 

“Schnauzer-ville” 2018 Christmas village, member of the Cactus State Min. Schnauzer Club of Arizona USA. crafted by Kathy Thom
Welcome to our Christmas village Winter Wonderland,  over-run by naughty little Schnauzers, we call “Schnauzer-ville”‘
Its the 3rd year for this village, each year it grows. Keep in mind, we host our local Min. Schnauzer breed clubs Christmas party and thought this was a fun addition to the festivities.  The village building pieces are a mix of Dept 56, Lemax, Santa’s Workbench and a few unknown pieces. It measures 12 ft long X 3 ft deep and is located on a pot shelf 5 ft off the floor, above the TV in the family room
This year, a new backdrop was added, a lower level floating shelf and the mountains  on the upper right. All the mountains, ski hill and platform edges are made of Styrofoam, newspaper and plaster cloth, then painted in shades of grays, browns and white. The individual dogs shown, I crafted from air-dry clay, in addition to some of the people in the left Mt climbing.
The ski lift is made from PVC, Styrofoam, wood buttons and mini Popsicle sticks for the chairs. I also crafted the merry-go-round on the mail level and changed the German Shepard & Husky in the Lemax animated piece on the lower left, into schnauzers, by dremeling off some areas and replacing with air dry clay.
It was a 6+ week project to create and takes 3 days to set it all the pieces up each year-enjoy!

It was a 6+ week project to create and takes 3 days to set it all the pieces up each year-enjoy! 


*each year we play a game at the Xmas party, “how many schnauzer live in schnauzer-ville” the winner gets a prize. Each year new dogs are added.
Could you guess?
This year there are 55 schnauzers in the village 

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