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What is RAKU?
This is probably the first question I get when I so excitedly share about my newest pieces.

Raku is a Japanese pottery technique that was first started to be used in the 1500’s. Originally part of the tea ceremony.

With this primary concept in mind is easier to explain that RAKU is at the same time complex and simple. Complex because it requires some mastery to develop a great firing technique, and simple because it recalls the creation of simple unpretentious objects to be functional. As with everything from an eastern original there are many levels involved in the craft.

For me as an artist creating pieces with this technique involves higher levels of dedication and at the same time the search for perfect imperfection. If there’s something I love about the way I use this technique, is that I am actively looking for uncontrolled results and imperfections that speak about the beauty and uniqueness of a piece.

Creating such pieces is a complete let go of expectations and opening up to wonderful surprises created by using all 4 natural elements.


Black miniature schnauzer portrait sculpture
The RAKU technique has evolved and transformed with the years and also to where it is used. Each artist’s results are unique to their own way of working with the ‘ingredients’ involved. However, the process is very similar in all cases involving high temperatures and fast cooling in water.
In my case, I work with bisque fired pieces that I may glaze and put in a ceramic kiln that goes very fast up to around 950 Celsius degrees. Once the temperature is reached the pieces are skillfully removed from the kiln while still very hot and put into barrels where they will smoke for a while, then dusted around in sawdust and then into cold water.
During this process, the crackles that I love so much, are created and then spaces get filled with smoke giving that very unique look. In my case, I use clear glaze before firing so the texture of the pieces is soft and has some shine.
On occasions, I use another kind of glazes that deliver some exotic colours! Scroll down to see more photos.

I have had the dream of creating raku pieces for many years until finally, it was during mid-2021 that I met a master who would guide me through the process and take care of removing the pieces out of the hot kiln.

If you would like to read more about the process and also see some photos click here

The results so far had been outstanding and the new Raku pieces have already found homes all over the world!

I am very excited about creating these fine art dog sculptures and keep adding new dog breeds to my portfolio.

If you would be interested in adding a Raku Dog sculpture to your private collection get in touch with me to place an order for future RAKU sessions during 2022.

To place orders or questions send email to: applerainart@gmail.com


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