Projects with no plan.

Sometimes I happen to know very clear what I want and some other times I do not, but mostly it happens that I want something and then I want it bigger, I want it better, I want it more complicated… Yes I tend to complicate my life all by my self, and so I did with this project.
It was simple, one day I saw a little drawing of a dog catching a frisbee in the air and I said, ‘Oh I can try that’, but the flying part was a bit unrealistic, so I conformed myself with a dog just landing or about to jump, whether way you wanted to see it.
The project was almost ready when I realized that something was missing, yes I was still thinking about the flying dog catching the frisbee in the air! But how on earth to do that with clay?  Well, indeed, clay cannot fly, but I could actually elevate the dog, so I started to destroy my work.
And so it happened…

After the week-end was over we met again and it was looking alright 🙂

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