Standard Schnauzer Sculpture

Standard Schnauzer Sculpture on clay. First stage.

I normally do not work on sculptures on Saturday but since I used Friday for preparing a dog (a real one) for a show we have at the end of October, then I switched working days.
I have a lot of delayed work. I don’t know why but the days are too short! I arrive at 10 o’clock at the studio every morning and never leave before 5 o’clock, which normally is 5,30, or like yesterday 6,30.
Time flies, and that is a GREAT thing because it means that I am enjoying it; I wish that I never have to leave the studio, but I MUST.
So, my work was with Oswald, ‘Oz’. He is a Standard Schnauzer from UK, and his owner commissioned a sculpture of a pepper & salt on the rocks. Even thou that ‘Schnauzer on the rock’ is a design that I usually do I needed some special inspiration, so I asked Beth (Oz’s owner) to send me some pictures of her dogs, and I got them, over a dozen! All lovely pictures of fantastic dogs of an amazing breed (my favorite, Standard Schnauzer).
Beth has already got a sculpture from me in the past (2013 edition), but the work back then was different; at that time I was experiencing casting with resin, so I had for sale up to 10 copies of the same design, it was very successful because  I was out of them very quickly (I will post some of the past works someday soon).
However, Beth mentioned that she liked one design I did about two weeks ago, and that it captured the Schnauzer attitude, so now I tried to capture one of her dogs soul into my clay, and from all the models I got Oswald had caught my attention. He seems to have a fresh attitude, active but alert, it suited perfect on my design.
It took me some hours to finish but now the first stage is ready, and tomorrow I see him again to fix details, then we wait until Beth decides what finishing color she wants. I know that it has to be pepper& salt, but I mentioned her about the new vintage look I’m doing, and she got too much to think about, I think it is going to be a very special piece; at least, it is for me a work from my heart, since I remembered about all my Standard Schnauzers I had along my life and they were all nice memories, now my last two Standards are at my mother’s home in Argentina (Anita almost 10yrs and her mother Donna 12 years)
Standard Schnauzer

My model for inspiration, Oz.


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