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Apple Rain dog portrait ceramic sculpture had become a favoured gift item to celebrate or commemorate special occasions within dog lovers around the globe.
Some common events where Apple Rain sculptures had been presented are:
 – Milestone Birthdays, of both humans and dogs! 
 – Dog Memorials.
 – Breeders recognition.   
 – Dog’s new achievements. 
Of course, you can also make yourself the most exclusive present. Only you know how valuable your dog is and how worth it is to have something that will remind you of him/her forever.
Why should you commission a pet portrait sculpture?
If you want to express love, affection, or respect to a dear person of yours. If you are looking for something really unique, that will have a meaning and will be cherished forever. Apple Rain dog sculpture is the perfect choice.
If you are looking for a unique piece of art that will stand out in your home and you want to feel proud to own and display in your best spot, then a special sculpture of your own dog made just for you is what you need!

“I recently commissioned Barbara to do a sculpture for my best friend. The end result was far better than I could imagine…she is very talented and is able to capture the “soul” of the dog. I’m so impressed I’ve already asked for a second commission. I’m an artist myself so I have high standards!” (from Facebook page reviews)

Why commission a dog sculpture from Apple Rain?
Apple Rain Sculptures are made by Barbara Fraile. Barbara has been devoted to dogs since the age of 11 yrs. She breeds Miniature Schnauzers since 2002 and her breeding includes Champions in 4 continents and a World Winner. She has studied dogs’ anatomy and behavior her entire life, and had lived surrounded by dogs and other animals since very young age. This provided her of a unique understanding of the subject. Dog’s had been the animal that had shaped her life and now she shapes the clay into dogs. It just comes natural to her hands.

“I love Barbara’s work. She has an incredible eye for the structure of purebred animals but most importantly, she has a gift for conveying those hard to describe qualities that are really the essence of an individual animal at a particular moment in time. I have several of her peices. They all unique and a true pleasure to own.” (from Facebook page reviews)

What are the sculptures made of? How long does it take to have one done?
The sculptures are made in clay and after firing at 1300 Celsius they become a strong ceramic. The color is obtained by different techniques applied during different times of the process. Depending the color of the piece several layers of different colors and chemicals will be used to obtain the best quality product. It takes about 8 weeks to have a portrait ready. The client receives photos along the process and the progress can be followed and discussed.

“I found Barbara and Apple Rain on Facebook and ordered a statue of my precious schnauzer Ellie. I can’t describe how happy I am with Barbara’s work. From the start she went through all the options of sizes, prices and during the process she sent pictures and videos of the statue so I could follow the making of it and suggest changes. She listened to all my wishes and made good suggestions. And the result was amazing! She really got the expression of my Ellie and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Barbara to everyone and now as I’m getting a puppy I might order a statue of her later on 🙂 Thank you so much Barbara!!” (from Facebook page reviews)

How to order?  When to order?
To make an order you must get in touch via email and send photos of your dog. Ideas and price will be discussed before the work is accepted.
If you are planning to have the sculpture for a special occasion you must get in touch well in advance and let Barbara know about your needs and datelines. The work may take up to 8 weeks to be ready and the delivery time is subject to post in the recipients country. Which in occasions can be 2 or 3 weeks.

“I commissioned a statue of my two mini schnauzers playing. I sent Barbara photos and video. She captured their spirit so well. Her gorgeous creation arrived safely packaged to Australia.” (from Facebook page reviews)

What does it cost to commission a sculpture?
The price will vary depending on the dimension of the piece you request.
The smallest size I would do a portrait is 15 cm at its largest, and the price for such a work is €350.
Send an email with photos and your ideas and we can discuss it according to your needs.

“If you love your pets and want a permanent forever forever reminder Barbara is your lady she done a commission for me my 4 west highland terriers and boy she has captured there individual characters so life like very reasonable price and quick service love her thank you Barbara very talented. Love from Scotland & westielife x” (from Facebook page reviews)


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