Norwich Terrier

West highland White Terrier sculpture

Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier, was first introduced to me many years ago by my mentor. I was almost a kid and learning all about dog breeds, I remember he said to me, the little brown one with the prick ears and foxy face. This helped me distinguish them from their cousins, the Norfolk. 

I haven’t met many Norwich in my life as they werenøt common in my home country, but I got more familiar with them as I travelled dog shows in Europe. 

I love their fearless nature and compact little bodies. I try to capture their intelligence and rustic aspect in my pieces.

In this page, you will find some of my Norwich works over the past years.

Occasionally there are available items, feel free to get in touch if you’d like one of my sculptures of paintings to be part of your collection.


 If you’d like to have your very own Norwich sculpture or painting, get in touch

westie painting on white background
West highland white terrier sculpture
West highland white terrier sculptures
cute westie face
West highland white terrier sculptures

Would you like a Norwich?

Occasionally there are sculptures and paintings available, but it is also possible to order some custom paintings or sculptures! If you have questions or inquires, please get in touch!

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