It is always exciting to see the results of work done during processes that takes weeks and often MONTHS to be finished. Early this morning I opened my little kiln and I was thrilled to see the new sculptures.

I was specially intrigued by the newest breed, Terrier Brasileiro! I was asked if I could sculpt these little doggies for over a year and I’m so glad I now found the time to do them as I am really happy with the outcome! And now they are looking for homes!

I was really carried away by the Terrier mood and I also did a Kerry Blue Terrier, this is the second one I create. The first one I did back in 2015 and I took it myself to the very north of Norway, where it lives. Oh, well, in between there was another pieces which failed, it was a movement study created in porcelain but the weight made it melt to the side so it was useless… The current Kerry is available for sale, further photos and video will follow soon.
kerry blue terrier sculpture
In this batch there were the two first Airedales of the second series. One moving and one sitting with its paw up. I find them charming, we just need to find them the right homes.
airedale terrier sculpture
And of course the bunch of Schnauzers, these are all special orders and I am very very happy for the outcome and I already heard joy from their owners who requested them and that excites me so much! Next step will be to wrap them carefully and ship them overseas.
If you would like to purchase one of the available pieces get in touch, one Terrier Brasileiro, the Airedales and the Kerry are for sale.
Get in touch at or fill in the form below.

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