Today, I have I new guest in my blog, Alessandro Midulla, with whom I share one main big interest: Standard Schnauzers. But not only that, we both like arts, and we sculpt, and we both channel that by doing dogs. He has always offered me words to help me improve my 1-bronzo-schnauzersculptures during these years and I value them as a coming from a dog-person point of view with the plus of an artist’s eye. Many of you may know him if you are a Standard Schnauzer person, and to the rest, here’s a bit about him, both, about his art and some insights about the Standard Schnauzers.
Interviewing Alessandro Midulla:
Italian, owns the kennel d’Utrillo,which he named after his dog Utrillo del Prillo. Alessandro follows the breed from his heart since 1988.
The artist:
“Born in 1950, he has matched art with social-politic care, sharing Piero Gilardi and Pietro Perotti’s ideas, during seventies and eighties, with whom he cohoperated. He was the cartoonist of enquiry magazine “La pagina. Dentro i fatti del saluzzese” (“The page. Inside the facts of Saluzzo). He never exhibited, but his thought on art, carried him to create aesthetic-political-social actions involving actively the pubblic. In 2000, he created the idea of “Artisti al muro” (“Artists at wall”) with Spazioarte (Artspace): posters inspired from antifascism values, produced by artists and affixed in advertisement spaces of some 3-terracotta-rilievo-mastinotown near Cuneo. In 2007 he founded “Arti vaganti” (“Wondering arts”) Project with Paolo Viano, Lorenzo Griotti and Ugo Giletta (”
(from book of  BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE ARTE PLURALE “International biennial Arte Plurale (plural art)” A contemporary art project – with relational character – in educational context. – Torino from 12th to 21th november 2009 – Promotrice delle Belle Arti Palace, Sala Colonne, Faculty of Architecture, Valentino Castle, Medieval Village, Valentino Park 
What medium?
Anything that leaves a mark or whatever occupies a volume, but perhaps my favorite medium is the black ink.
2-terracotta-labrador-studio-di-testaWhy dog art? When and how did you start?
I started drawing and modeling dogs from the moment I strongly felt the need of a dog companionship (1970…).
What inspired you to start? 
I was drawn to the breed dogs, especially utility dogs, I liked to take this expression and posture.
What inspires you today?
Perhaps today the desire to portray a dog that would like to have is less important. The mystery of their conscious existence beside us intrigues me most, I seek in their expression.
What’s your background? (with dogs and art)
As a child, I wanted a dog, or at least an animal, but I could not have it. I could have cats, 5-penna-doca-akita-inuthen finally a German shepherd at the age of 20 years.
And I drew as a child, always. On technical I’m self-taught, even at some point in my life I was tempted to devote myself to an artistic profession. I consider art as an opportunity to express a form of knowledge of the world, I always feared that the trade could undermine the freedom and freshness of this knowledge
What’s your favourite breed?
I understand you have followed/observed the breed in a very long time (3 decades) – what can you tell about the Standard Schnauzer in all these years. 
I don’t attended enough the expo and today I even abandoned, so I can not judge. You should ask this question to the judges and handlers and breeders who attend expo intensely . However I can express some very subjective impression. I’ve always been attracted to the beauty and the expression of schnauzer as Quecksilber del Prillo and some of his children, which I admired in the ring, but also in their environment. Over the years, it seems to me that the “expo-look” has taken over, promoting researched spectacle through grooming and presentation skills. The breed has respected the standard, yes, but favoring an interpretation in favor of angles very pronounced, long necks, coats bulky and sometimes rough. Of course the dogs are beautiful, but we risk confusing nice “dog” with beautiful “schnauzer” and to replace a pleasant companion dog in a rustic dog. I say first of all to myself, because I feel aesthetic attraction!
I think it’s time to pay attention to reproductive problems and health in all the races, so even in our breed, numerically limited. Maybe you should experience the intersection of the two colors even in FCI under the club control.
Today I see good dogs in the world with substance, character tested in various disciplines, with beautiful coat. Some are very titled, others less. I hope that breeders will be guided by the talents that characterize the race more than the list of qualifications obtained in the show.
Can you name the 3 best dogs you’ve meet and what quality they possessed?
Nero  von Briechlehof, that I could not meet in person, but I appreciated the mark of type and temperament that gave the breeding del Prillo (Delta, Quecksilber, Nelson, Nina, Seppy, Utrillo …).
Jacky von der Ley, who, in union with Zando von Steinalbtal, sent in the Schnauzer von der Goliathhöhe character and physical substance (Arko, Agnetha, Bellinda, Flor …). In her, I also want to remember the important contribution of schnauzer vanenblieckhoeve!
Hauke Grafen zu von Moers, maybe inconspicuous in the show, but extraordinary, very typical expression. You can find it in the pedigrees of dogs with a strong aptitude for training.
They were healthy dogs, free of dysplasia, balanced and long-lived.
Can you name the dog that for you is a true representative of the breed?
I know that I will appear biased, but the all credit belongs to Marcello Koch and Anthy Marchese. I choose Utrillo Prillo!


Utrillo Prillo Standard Schnauzer


Utrillo del Prillo Standard Schnauzer

What’s your favorite work you’ve ever created?

a portrait of young Utrillo pen on leather.
Where can we see more of your artwork?
Can we buy it your artwork? 
Yes, occasionally.
Thank you so much for your time!


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