Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy your artwork?
Yes, you can! I use to have available pieces ready to deliver from time to time, but normally  I work for special commissions.
How can I place an order?
You have to contact me via e-mail ( applerainart@gmail.com ) and tell me what you want!
If you have seen a work on the website or Facebook, Instagram or other social media, and you would like to purchase it, simply get in touch and I will tell you availability information. However, most of my works are my by order, so you can always inquire for a new piece to be done especially for you.
I want to have a portrait of my dog, can you do it?
Yes, I can! All you have to do in send me an e-mail applerainart@gmail.com with photos of your dog and what would you like, size, color, pose, etc. I will evaluate the options and send a quotation of the work and different possibilities that we can discuss.
How long will it take to have my sculpture done?
Once you have placed your order, means: once you’ve sent me photos of the subject to be portrayed, we discussed ideas and agreed on price, I will be ready to start working. Depending on the size of your work it may take between 4-8 weeks until the work is ready.
How is the process of making a sculpture?
Once I know what I have to do, defined the design, size, etc, I start work, some pieces will take over a week until I finish to sculpt all details. Once the sculpture is ready the clay needs to be DRY, this may take up several weeks and up to a month if the pieces are large. Depending on the colors a finishing some works needs to start the coloring process while the material is still ‘wet’. All piece will go in the kiln two times, first to be fired up to 980*C, and a second time to finish the coloring process and achieve a piece of a strong material I will fire them at 1280*C.
You can read more about the process in the following links:
Stage ONE, the sculpture: https://applerainart.com/2015/12/11/steps-by-step-of-my-clay-dogs/

 Stage TWO, the color: https://applerainart.com/2015/12/14/step-by-step-second-part-color/
How long does the firing take?
The whole process each time a piece goes in the kiln can take up to 48 hours. The firing goes slow and takes some 12 hours, and then we wait until the temperature goes down under 100*C until we can open the kiln.
How do the pieces take color? Do you pain them?
I do NOT paint my pieces. All the works are GLAZED. It means that the result is CERAMIC piece.
You can read more about the process here: https://applerainart.com/2015/12/14/step-by-step-second-part-color/ 
How much does a sculpture cost? 
The pricing a sculpture have different factors that will interact and need to be evaluated all together in order to have an exact quotation, so please DO get in touch with me and ask me about any specific work that you might be interest in and I will try  to explain all options.
I like that my work is available to ALL budgets, and at the same time I want to provide a HIG QUALITY work to each and everyone of you. The fact that you have a limited budget shouldn’t stop you for getting in touch, in the past I have realized small portraits at accessible prices. Of course that the size of the piece will involve more or less details, but be sure that you will always have a quality piece of work that will please you, and if you are not have you can return your piece and have your money back.
I live in… USA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, ANYWHERE IN EUROPE, CHINA… ETC, can you ship your sculptures? 
YES! I can send you my work wherever you are in the world!
I pack and wrap them well and we have a very high percent of safety delivery.
*NOTE: Payment of any import duties or taxes that may apply in countries outside EU remain the responsibility of the customer. Any customs, taxes or import duties will be levied once the package reaches its destination. As customs policies vary from country to country you are advised to contact your local customs office for further information.
Do you have more questions? 
Do not hesitate to contact me and ask me! I will be happy to help you with whatever you need to know  applerainart@gmail.com , Barbara.
Surf the site, the blog, Facebook and Instagram to keep an eye on what is going at the moment and also to discover old works and maybe get inspired about a piece that you would like to have at your own home.
Facebook User: applerain.creations
Facebook Page: Apple Rain Artistic Creations
Instagram: barbaraaafraile

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