Energy Sculpture – Jack Russell Terrier

I’m happy to present you my latest custom sculpture of CH Lemosa Mr Energizer – “Energy”

Energy is a Jack Russell Terrier owned by Clayco House of Terriers in Australia.

The owner, Simon, “always wanted to capture the spirit of the infamous Energy, as he truly was. This was highlighted in a photo depicting his outgoing nature, when he won Best of Breed at the World Dog Show in 2011.”

And so he contacted me to commission a large size piece based on his favorite photo.

jack_russell_terrier sculpture
Energy Jack Russell

The work started in February and with the patience that such works require, I worked slowly but steady to create a piece that not just captures the physical features of the dog, but also, his attitude and soul. 

After weeks of slowly modelling and carving the clay and checking in with Simon for his input the long wait for the clay to dry has begun.

jack_russell_terrier sculpture

The ceramic process is quite slow and requires time and you shall not rush a thing, otherwise, things may go wrong, very wrong! 

Especially when it’s time to put things in the kiln! 

Energy is a large size sculpture and he fits very tight in my home kiln. Due to technical processes I could only fire him at a bisque point in my kiln, this is 980 C, and for a higher temperature, I had to drive him to a ceramic factory where I was able to use a larger size kiln.

dog sculpture jack russell terrier
dog sculpture in a ceramic kiln
Jack russell Terrier Sculpture

The whole process took some months, but finally, today, on May 25th Energy’s sculpture made it safe and sound to his home in Australia! The trip from Italy took 5 days and I got a friendly note and pictures from him.

It was a pleasure to get involved in such a lovely project and to have the opportunity to create a sculpture of a wonderful dog with a great attitude.

Here I am at the ceramic factory, standing in front of a walk-in kiln!!

jack_russell_terrier sculpture

Interested in a custom sculpture of your own dog? 
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