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Tailor made sculptures of your dog

I had been entrusted with amazing commissions over the years and I understand how important these works are. Each dog has that unique quality, let’s call it a soul, and only you know what makes your dog unique.

The exclusive custom made dog sculptures I create capture that unique quality from your dog’s souls. This is what I’d been told over and over again, and the reason I keep committed to doing this work is because I understand how important a dog can be in your life. They are important for many reason, but the main one, is they take part of your heart and become part of your life forever.

A custom sculpture is a way to treasure them forever and it is a very unique way to hold a memory of a dear member of a family, only those who are really close to an animal can understand.

Energy Jack Russell
Black miniature schnauzer portrait sculpture
A portrait sculpture is something very unique and exclusive. I must dedicate my whole attention to such a delicate task. Each piece may take from several days to several weeks to develop. If you are thinking on getting a fully customized sculpture of your dog you must know that this is a delicate and important task for me and I can only take a few orders per month, this is such demanding work and I must dedicate myself fully to it.

There uses to be a waitlist of several months, please get in touch to know more

Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page.

The size of the custom pieces is larger than the study pieces. Over the years I learned what is bet and how can I deliver the best results. I currently offer two main sizes. Find information below.

The process.

Depending on the size and complexity of the work the whole process can go from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Each piece is handmade and tailored to your needs. You will be part of the procees as. Iwill share photos of the work in progress and await for your approval and suggestions.

The sculptures are made of clay. Clay is a very delicate material and requires apecial treatment and attention, it has its own timing that one must respect.

The sculptung process takes several days or weeks as I like to work with the clay when it has the right plasticity. Each stage of the sculpture is creating during different moments of the clay, this way I can ensure I get the results I want.

The drying process is one of the most delicate parts of the entire journey, and it can take several weeks specially if weather conditions are humid. If clay doesn’t dry properly it could crack or explode durng firing cause compete destruction of the work.

The clay goes in the kiln once it is dry and it fires at over 1000 degress celsius.

The coloring process is different for every piece. Some are finished with glazes, otehrs with underglazes, other with a third firing technique, and others with cold methods. Many times a mixed media process is used to guarantee the best results.

The art is in constant evolution so new methos will be applied at all times. This is part of how I work and also guarantees a unique touch in every piece.


Sizes and Prices


LARGE: These are pieces between 20-30cm tall. These are large-volume sculptures that make a real impression in every room. They are the king of the space.

Price: Starting at €900-€1500 and up, depending on special requirements, pose, final size, etc.
Please enquire for a quote with your project idea in mind.

I only accept max 2 custom orders per month as I want to dedicate as much of my time as possible.

I am currently taking orders for 2024.

If you have deadlines you must always inquire well ahead of time, the process can’t be rushed and we need extra time for the unexpected and delivery.

RAKU FIRING: It is possible to have a custom piece fired with Raku technique, there is an additional cost that can go from €50-€100 depending on the piece size and complexity. Also, note that Raku outcomes cannot be 100% predicted. Learn more about Raku HERE.

smooth fox terrier sculpture

Place an order
To order a custom dog sculpture please write an email with your wishes to or or fill in the form at the end of this page. We’ll discuss the details and I will inform you about the availability of my schedule.
Remember there is usually several month waiting lists.

My sculptures are shipped worldwide with a private carrier such as DHL or UPS depending on your location and making sure delivery is as fast as possible. It normally takes less than a week.

Shipping & handling cost is not included in the price of the sculpture and varies depending on the volume of the parcel and your location. It may go from €50 to €100.

When you place an order you will be required to pay a deposit of €100 to confirm your place. The balance must be paid in full before shipping date.

Payments inside Europe can be made via bank transfer. Outside of EU payments must be made via TransferWise or PayPal.

dog sculptures

What people say

Commissions Gallery

These are just some of the works created over the years

Dog sculpture portrait yorkie
dandie dinmont terrier art
dandie dinmont terrier portrait
schnauzer portrait

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