Customers’ Reviews

Happy and Grateful customers had left their kind reviews on my Facebook page and I’m happy to share their comments here and I also wish to thank them to trust me and my work!
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Lloyd Dodd – USA
“I just received my Scottish Terrier sculpture and it’s even more beautiful than the photos. It will make a perfect Christmas present. Barbara was very pleasant and easy to work with, and I look forward to purchasing more from her in the future. Thanks!”
Robert Oulton – UK
“Absolutely love my new Sealyham figure! Looks even better in person! Arrived promptly and safely and Barbara was wonderful to deal with. Highly recommend!”
Heike Koos – Germany
“I received my beautiful Westie-Sculpture from Barbara yesterday and really love it..
Thinking about having a custom-made bigger sculpture ordered from our own buddy…will be absolutely worth it..❤️‼️��
Thank you Barbara…for your great Art..❣”
Gill Clark – UK
“Delighted with my mini schnauzer sculptures by Barbara, one of which was from a photo of my girl begging, it so captured her expression, I had to have it! Very talented, Barbara knows the dog’s structure so well, it comes over in her sculptures…”
Sophie Hedberg – Sweden
I found Barbara and Apple Rain on Facebook and ordered a statue of my precious schnauzer Ellie. I can’t describe how happy I am with Barbara’s work. From the start she went through all the options of sizes, prices and during the process she sent pictures and videos of the statue so I could follow the making of it and suggest changes. She listened to all my wishes and made good suggestions. And the result was amazing! She really got the expression of my Ellie and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Barbara to everyone and now as I’m getting a puppy I might order a statue of her later on 🙂 Thank you so much Barbara!!”‘
Susanna Païvatïe – Finland
“I bought one of the agility statue and it is absolutely gorgeous and I love it. It is in best spot in my book shell <3″
Butters Sanchez – USA
“I have one of those beautiful sculptures I saw the birth of a lump of clay to a magnificent challenge of the SS in action herding sheep. Thank you so much.”
Roslyn Raufer – Australia
“I commissioned a statue of my two mini schnauzers playing. I sent Barbara photos and video. She captured their spirit so well. Her gorgeous creation arrived safely packaged to Australia.”

Jaana Peltola – Finland
“Absolutely wonderful, talent artist! Deffenetly going to have more art from her!”
Kittie Graham Taylor – USA
“I have recently bought a Westie figurine from Apple Rain and it is fantastic!
Barbara’s incredible talent is so well displayed in the structure of each individual breed. She has a unique gift in her ability to capture the individuality of each of her subjects. As an artist myself, I truly find her talent remarkable. The little Westie that I display so proudly will hopefully have a Scottie friend to join him as I fully intend to add him to my collection! Another important thing that I feel should be noted is the business aspect of ordering and receiving was very easy and accomplished nicely.”
Angie Green – UK
“Stunning work which arrived on time and identical to the picture’s used. I look forward to my next one later in the year hopefully ction or show pose this time ☺”
Southern StandardSchnauzer – USA
“I love Barbara’s work. She has an incredible eye for the structure of purebred animals but most importantly, she has a gift for conveying those hard to describe qualities that are really the essence of an individual animal at a particular moment in time. I have several of her peices. They all unique and a true pleasure to own.”
Robyn Elliot – USA
“I love my Apple Rain sculptures! Each are unique & perfect examples of a Schnauzer. Barbara is very easy to work with & I always get compliments on her work that is displayed in my home & office.”
Mark Smolders – Netherlands
“I have a beautiful scottie figurine that was made specially for me by this amazing artist. The contacts with her are always a pleasure. The figurine arrived on time and was very well packed. It is a pleasure doing business with her.”

Doreen Pichette – USA
“Amazing artist….really captures the personality of the dogs! She did an agility Scottie for me that I just love!!”
Jeff Leland Davis – USA
“I am speaking from first-hand experience. I have a table full of this young lady’s artwork. She puts her heart and soul into what she creates and that is not an exaggeration. I am a retired engineer. I am very well-educated and I know what I am talking about when I tell you that this young lady’s artwork is beautiful and comes from her soul. I may be a little bit crazy but I have part of her in my home and I speak to the pieces of artwork that I have purchased from Barbara. I show them off to anyone that comes into the house and I have yet to have any negative criticism. They all think they are beautiful and they are amazed at the detail in the attention given to creating her pieces of art. I do not have any talent myself to create what she does but I know what I like and I am not exaggerating when I tell you you should have a piece of Barbara in your house too. I have only recently learned more about this young lady and how talented she is, but I will not go into that. During this diatribe I am creating. I now know why the pieces that she creates have so much of her inside them. My dream would be to commission her to do a piece of work of one of schnauzers I have had in my past. To look at this young lady and then to realize the talent that she has in her mind and her hands to create these wonders, I am truly amazed and even as we are typing to each other right now I have one of her little statues in front of me. I can actually see them running and playing together. And those of you that know me know that I speak to my dogs and I speak to these little ones that I have that Barbara created. They are also part of my family, along with Chloe and shadow. I have not named them, but along with Chloe shadow and myself. They are members of my pack. Just to know that she has touched the same piece of artwork that I am touching brings me great joy. The talent that is in her hands and the imagination that she has in her brain to create these pieces of art is beyond my understanding. I believe each piece that I have purchased from Barbara has a little bit of life inside it and I do not feel so alone in my home when my pack is sitting there right on the table. It would be nice to meet her someday in person, but that will probably never happen, but in a sense I have met her because I have pieces that she created sitting here in my house and I am very proud to have them. They were not just a insignificant purchase. I saw life in what she created, and I wanted to share that life in my home”
Connie Rommel – Germany
“Today I have got my first schnauer sculpture in black. Perfekt work and package sent with insurence in 3 days. We had contact the whole time and payed after getting foto of perfekt ready sculpture.Very good work dear Barbara and thanks a lot. This was not the last schnauzer. The next one is with the face of our most loved dog.”
Maria Giulia Giacomoni – Italy
“Excellent artist and serious person. I bought a sculpture of a Westie and it is a very realistic one! I’d love to buy something more!”

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