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Dog Portrait Sculptures

This Christmas is for you!

The spirit of the season are our loved ones, and I know just as it is for me I count my dogs first thing.
I know how much you care for them and I do care too! I want to celebrate what it’s been a glorious year giving something back, and this time a year opens up a door for me to give to you, all of you who proved loyal and supportive to my work and creative efforts.
So I’m giving the chance to all of you who I know wanted to have a custom sculpture of your dogs the possibility to do so!
During the past years I created dozens of portraits and in exchange huge amounts of gratitude and my heart was filled with immense joy by their words towards my work.
I have known that for many of you is VERY important to have a portrait of your dog made but some struggle with deciding when is the right time due to your personal finances, budgets, etc.
Therefor my special decision is to help you make your wishes come true, and offer you the possibility to ORDER your portrait NOW and pay small deposit/small payments during several months.
How does it work? 
1) You check out options for custom pieces in the link here: https://applerainart.com/buy/dogportraits/
2) You decide on the option that best suits you.
3) You contact me with photos of your dog, a decision of what size/pose you want, and a month between MARCH/ JULY 2018, that you will like to have your piece.
4) I get back to you with a final quote and confirmation of the project and a little payment plan.
5) You pay deposit NOW and you are in and soon you will see your doggie sculptures being made!
6) You receive it when you pay final amount before JULY 2018.
Send me an email now at applerainart@gmail.com 
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If you want to place your order and make sure you have a spot, get in touch now and let’s find out the best option for you! Fill in the form or send an email with photos at applerainart@gmail.com  – Barbara

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