Photos from past September 23rd at the exhibition in Helsingør, Denmark.
These images are courtesy of Tony Schultheiss who visited and took plenty of photos; despite bad light conditions for photography I think you will be able to appreciate some details.
Several of the pieces displayed at the exhibition will be released for sale by mid October. If you see something of your interest get in touch for details. Information about available pieces will be first be updated in my Facebook group, you can join here and be the first to know.

The ceramic art exhibition was organized by a Danish ceramic association, Nordsjællandske Keramikere, of which I became member in April this year. The exhibition displayed the works of 15 different ceramic artists of the region and was open to the public during September 22nd to 24th.
My stand displayed 26 pieces of different dog breeds and 4 horse sketches. You can have a wider view on the video below.

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