It’s not yet a week since I came back to the studio and I have a lot going on. I started 8 projects all at the same time and I’m slowly having them ready!
One of the pieces done during these days is called ‘Is all about the dog’ and is a humble sculpture dedicated to all those who still believe that it is/should be about the dogs.
This representation of a dog at show with its handler, a human figure without a face, just to reflect about what is the purpose we show our dogs. Is it or should be ALL ABOUT THE DOGS? IS IT BEING THIS WAY?
A simple thought expressed with clay.

scottie handler

Scottish terrier and handler – clay sculpture.

I have also been working on some schnauzer pieces. I couldn’t take out of my mind a lovely bitch that I meet last January in England, she was a little beggar, one of the cutest beggars I’ve meet. A while ago I did one beggar sculpture which ended up living in USA. And now I have started a new serie of beggars. And also on a similar posture I started a commission of quite larger size so you will see a lot of sitting Schnauzers in the coming weeks since I just got into the mood of doing them.

Beggar Schnauzer – project nr1, clay.

And at last I had a Westie attack!
It all started with a commission of a funny guy who loves BALLS! As I worked in that special piece, which is going to be quite large I decided to do some small Westie figurines. I ended up with 3 little fellows.
westie start

West Highland White Terrier figurines, clay.

It’s been a great week so far! A lot going on and a lot more to start! Keep track, follow live updates on Facebook !



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