Life, dogs, work, all that together with my wanderlust had dropped me in the North of Norway.
It was just in the beginning of the autumn that I had to have a break from the art studio. I was away for about ten days as I had an important assignment to which I had committed to far before that the idea of starting back with the sculptures even existed in my mind.
The excuse of my travel up there awoke interest to those who followed my work from years ago so I got some orders to deliver.
A very special Kerry Blue Terrier was specially made for a breeder Gerd-Astrid.
sculpture kerry blue terrier
This project had me exited because it was a long time since I made a terrier sculpture; it’s been painted instead of glazed to have a more realistic color and also so I could meet the times for the delivery.

miniature schnauzer sculpture

from ‘collection 2014’

I also took with me the last piece that I still had from last year’s work.
It was a salt & pepper schnauzer on the move that went to be part of the collection of dogs that Marina and Marthe got from me in 2013, also Schnauzers on the move.
Marthe also owns one of my ‘real life’ schnauzers, Gardel, who I was very happy to see again after a year since he left my home as a puppy.
And for my hosts I took with me a special ‘secret order’ that they made (It will be a gift so it is still not possible to tell what it is).
I had also brought them a double piece, adult and puppy, from my first series this year, it was also my first salt & pepper color with this glazing.
Salt & Pepper Schnauzer 'Vintage look' CERAMIC

Salt & Pepper Schnauzer ‘Vintage look’ CERAMIC – collection 2015

I was somehow surprised and happy to find in their home a long collection of my work from every year. It was fun for me to see how the sculptures changed and improved through the years.
schnauzer collectibles

collection from 2012 to 2015, Norway

It was overall a great time that I had up there, close to the North Pole. I was lucky to be taken a little bit around when the weather allowed it and I could discover and sense the amazing isolated Norwegian nature.
We also had a fantastic working week end with the dogs and a group of owners, breeders, exhibitors, that wanted to learn how to groom a Schnauzer for show -that was my assignment, to teach them-
Working with the dogs!

Working with the dogs!

I’m happy to be back in Denmark now and already started to work in new exiting projects that I will updated you soon.

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