“Art is the most useless thing” – How would you react to that statement coming from the mouth of someone who creates art herself?

I know how I would react because I just heard it about an hour ago.
I was trilled to be introduced to an artisan who creates very decent artwork in wood, shaped carved paintings of whatever you request her to do. Yes, Dogs too!

art is not what you see, but what you make others seeI was so curious about her approach that I was even thinking about giving her a space on my blog to showcase her very original form of art. Maybe give her a push to get out of her street stall into the cyber space. But after five minutes of hearing her statements I went depressed. Specially when she knocked that ‘ART IS THE MOST USELESS THING’. Of course, I can AGREE at some point, that art, unless one gives it a meaning it is USELESS. But then I think, WHO gives the artwork a meaning? 
I think primarily it comes from the ARTIST itself, but the COLLECTOR is the one who has to inspire that meaning into their lives.

For several weeks I’ve been thinking, how is my work creating or adding value to my customers lives?
being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life
This is somewhat easy to answer by reading at the loving emails I receive when someone get my sculptures. But I bet you, wouldn’t the artist believe that she or he is putting themselves into it, it doesn’t matter what a comments you will hear then ART is USELESS.
I have to admit that I have it hard to call my self an artist, even thou, according to dictionary’s definition, I am creating ART
Here, ART DEFINITION: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
Now, let’s dig into it. I’m more concerned of the later part of the definition, because is the response that we (artist) will create in the spectator, the one which will or will not make that art to have some use at all!
Beauty, this one is VERY difficult, because I do believe that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. So I leave that aside for a while, but, EMOTIONAL POWER is the meaning I am more concerned about. 

Art is all about EMOTIONS, for me it is so. Yes, we can discuss about which emotions you reach.
I’m creating DOG ARTWORK and as I do so I reach for accuracy while having my own style. I do hope that others will appreciate it, but I know I won’t please

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of our souls
everyone, and that is not even my final goal! But EMOTIONS, once a piece touches a soul, that piece belongs to each soul it has touched. If that piece moved you, for good or for bad, there lays the power of the creation. 
What will my Dog Sculptures move on you? From love and tenderness, to thoughtful interpretations about the breed in question. I’ve heard it all.

I’m mainly a dog breeder, which is in my opinion a form of art itself, and when I create my work it is first processed by that part of me, then I free myself and let the emotion come in, that, let’s call it, ‘my personal touch’. And it is that, my touch the one who will touch or not other souls and inspire them some emotions.
So, well, IS ART DEATH?
No, for me art is alive and art SHOULD inspire life! No matter how!

As Henry Moore said, ” TO BE AN ARTIST IS TO BELIEVE IN LIFE”. I do so, then Art is not death, and art IS useful, and meaningful. Art is there to inspire you, to make you emotional. Emotions remind you that you are alive. If nothing more, Art is there to remind you that you are alive. 
What are your thoughts about ART? Would like to hear! 🙂

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