After spending almost two months creating Affenpinschers I may conclude that they turned into an obsession for me. Maybe I have to admit that I like the breed, there also some intrigue about the origins  going back to the family of ‘my breed’. Pinschers and Schnauzers originated together and diversified and became singular in their own type, but deep there they still share something… Well, I will at least say they share my attention.

Affenpinscher Head Study


Well, now the questions I make to myself need some answer, but I cannot get there alone! Were my observations accurate? Were my studies correct? Do my sculptures tell ‘monkey-dog’ at first glance? So, I need your help on that! My main goal with my artwork is to capture the spirit and the general aspects of the breed. Perfect? no, no, I do not even bother for that, cause I do not believe in such statements. But if my work creates some feelings I’m satisfied with my work.
How do you like this head study? This piece will need an owner, so if you are interested get in touch, I may do it black or maybe another color…
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