Barbara Fraile is the Artist at “Apple Rain Dog Art” since 2012. 
Her aim is to celebrate and honour dogs from different breeds that have accompanied humans throughout history until today.

Barbara Fraile

“I like to believe that there is some kind of magic in
the work I do… I really feel that the clay wants to be
turned into dogs and when I let my hands to flow
amazing things happen without me being much aware
of it… people ask me how do I do what I do: I just put
myself at disposition of the moment and then my desk
is full of clay dogs. I spend weeks watching them and
taking them to the end of the process, and then I get
them in my hands and watch them looking at me. I
didn’t chose to do this work, it has chosen me and I’m
at service.” 

Barbara Fraile


Why dogs?

The reason why Barbara focuses her work on dogs is that these animals have impacted Barbara’s life at a very young age. She creates her art as a form of tribute to these magnificent souls that joined the journey of many humans on this earth over the history of humanity.


Where It All Began

Barbara Fraile was born in 1987 in Buenos Aires,
Her deep and ongoing story with dogs formally
started in 1998, when she got her first Giant
Schnauzer, Wendy. Barbara spent most time at school
doodling Schnauzers and checking out researched
pedigrees during the long boring hours of math class.

In 2002 she attended to her first dog show and there was no return. Her life ever since revolved around dogs.
Later that year her first Miniature Schnauzer litter was born. She dedicated her teenage years to learn all about dog shows, dog grooming and dog breeding,
which was her real passion.

Her journey as a breeder was the most exciting one. Her Kennel Trufas Negras produced over 30 Champions in 4 continents, including several
International Champions and World Winner. She’s on a breeding break since 2014, yet her dogs are still impacting the breed in different countries around the world. To learn more about her dogs visit www.trufasnegras.com

It wasn’t until 2012 that she got involved with dogs in an artistic way. It was suggested by a long-distance friend, Sue Baines from the USA, that she should try her hand at sculpting. Barbara loves challenges so she gave it a try. She spent that entire summer in Denmark creating clay figurines and that was the start of a new story.

Over the following years, she dedicated time to learning new skills and abilities that helped her create and improve her newly discovered passion-hobby: Dog sculpting.

Barbara’s sculpting journey was partly self taught and
partly acquiring skills and knowledge over the world.
She attended to several sculpture workshops in
England, she even had a time of apprenticeship on an
English foundry. She worked as apprentice in a
ceramic studio in Denmark (2015-2018) and she is
currently exploring new techniques while living in

Barbara’s sculpture and painting breed studies are
created based on observation of each breed. The
representations are what she sees and feel about a
breed and tried to combine it with some more a finer
study of the breed’s different standard (as different
regions of the world may have slightly different
description for each breed) However, she loves
keeping the art touch on top of any interpretation.


Each one of Barbara’s sculpture is unique, hand-
sculpted in clay and turned into ceramic. The entire
process of creation can take up to several weeks or even

It all starts with a lump of clay, an idea or a gut
feeling about creating something. Each piece has it’s
own unique timing and work process.

The selection of clay is made according to the needs
of the project. Each clay is different in chemistry and
in texture offering different possibilities to work and
for the final product. 

Barbara style is contemporary and ever-evolving. Every year the sculptures will have a different finishing process. She likes to keep her sculptures fresh and lively looking. The most important details are the dogs ‘self-expression’.  

Barbara’s love for painting is a long story. She used to paint abstract art in the past and moved to dogs in recent years.

Her paintings have a free-flow and play with abstract notes. She likes to add texture to her paintings and keep a rebel style on them.

In 2020 she opened her schedule to create customized portrait for her very special clients.

She also likes to sketch and her favourite subjects are scenes made in watercolour and ink. Her designs are available on print-on-demand items on her virtual shop.

Her main work is breed studies which are available for sale, you can check out current availability HERE.
She takes max two custom orders for sculptures and paintings per month as she likes to dedicate full time creating the best possible work. You can check out the private collection portfolio of past works HERE.



cairn terrier painting


Barbara lives with her Miniature Schnauzers and they do almost everything together. Her motivation and inspiration come directly from them and they are part of the creative process as well. 

Barbara owes her life to her dogs as they were the ones who gave her the strength and reasons to keep up when life wasn’t easy. She more than anyone understands the importance of dogs in a person’s life and her commitment to making art to honour these souls is real and goes very deep to her heart.

Whenever you get a piece of artwork in whichever shape or form, you must know that it is more than a simple item,  it contains a piece of the life of a committed artist with a cause dear to her heart.


What People are Saying

“I warmly recommend to everyone!”

“She is wonderful as her sculptures! I am glad to meet her and her art.

I warmly recommend to everyone!
Thank you so much, Barbara!.

Viktoria Garai

“Incredible artwork, handcrafted with real passion”

“Incredible artwork, handcrafted with real passion and love of the job!

Constantly checking at every step that it is looking okay with lots of videos showing the progress!
In particular, the piece for the two Dandie Dinmonts was totally custom and really well executed based off of one photo of the pose!
Arrived, if anything, over-packaged such was Barbara’s care to make sure they arrive intact.
If we ever want another sculpture this would be our first stop!”

Mat Grifferty

Barbara has been a pleasure to work with

I love my new piece of art that I got from Apple Rain Dog Art. Barbara has been a pleasure to work with and does a fantastic job of keeping you involved in the process as you go from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend her work enough. Now to save before commissioning another piece!

Joey Hayes

Such intricate details! FANTASTIC!!

Her work is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I received my Schnauzer sculpture yesterday and the details are perfect! Such intricate details! FANTASTIC!! SUCH TALENT. EXCELLENT QUALITY! LOVE MY SCULPTURE.”

Donna Givans

At Work

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The studio is located in Piemonte, Italy. Our sculptures and paintings are delivered worldwide.

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