If I’m to make a brain storm about February there are some words that I will repeat all the time: TERRIERS and COLORS. Yes, since February started all I’ve been doing was Terriers. Scotties were the main subject, but I also worked with Fox Wire, Skye and Sealyham. I didn’t stay only with the clay, I also played a lot with porcelain, a material that I’m still struggling to conquer, but the challenge of it brings me joy and fun.
The main incursion was to move away from the ‘realistic’ colors and try new things, something I started doing last months. Green and blue were the colors I decided to test in a wider range and I’m pretty happy with the results.
For those who are more conservative and are your to just see things ‘as they must be’ perhaps this works are a bit out of taste, but I definitely love them! They are curious creations which I hope with the time more of you will get used to see and like because I will experiment a lot more with doing something not so conventional, but of course always keeping to the true of the breeds with their aesthetics and proportions.
Here are some snapshots from my phone and if you follow the Facebook Page you will be able to see videos too.


Scottish Terrier figurine – Porcelain, turquoise glaze


Skye Terrier figurine – Porcelain, turquoise glaze


Wire Fox Terrier figurine – Porcelain, green glaze


Scottish Terrier figurine – ceramic, blue glaze


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