First week of the year, first post of the year, first update of the year!!
First of all, I will say this again, Happy 2017! I’m so happy that this year started! I’m so happy that I started it with my hands on clay ☺️
So, let me update you about my work during this week.

The first piece of 2017 is a sculpture one of my favorite breed, Standard Schnauzer.
I have also applied slip and set into the kiln the mini which I finished sculpting last week, I think he has a cute face

Then it was time to try a new clay, so i moved to another breed, new year, new clay, new breed: Dachshund. Another of my favorites!! Hard coated please haha

I plan to do a series of Dachshunds pretty soon, all coat varieties. I really like these fellows ?
Then I finally started on a commission I had scheduled since November: Stanley!! This is a large portrait of a miniature schnauzer. Stanley lives in England and funny enough his mom is from my breeding, I’m loving this project! So this is just the start…

I started shaping him out a block of 10 kilos of clay!!!

Once I got the shape, the proportions, the attitude, I had to chop it and hollow!!

Scary times!!!
And then I had to build my puzzle back!

After reassembled i let it dry overnight to carve out details ? you gotta wait till next week to see how he looks!!
I have also carved a set of 3 Schanuzer: Mom and pups!

And completed the second standard schnauzer, this one with natural tail and ears ?

As you can see I’ve been pretty busy! I also managed to go to the post and deliver a special top-secret project that should make a birthday present, shhh! I can’t tell you more yet! Another secret project is in the kiln! So more mysterious works on the way to be reveled soon ?
I had also been working on updating the website, trying to keep it complete is a never ending work, but I hope I will have it all ready soon! I have some pieces for sale which I would love to show you! I hope you will have a time to go around the site and come back with some feedback as I would like to improve!
I have also decided to have guest in the blog every week, so I have been interviewing some dog artists and I will introduce them to you one by one, maybe you love their work too! I also have fun sharing curiosities, like the Christmas village we had last week in the blog. I know many of you loved it and if you haven’t seen it yet keep scrolling down.
That’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend.

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