I’m working on a new portrait of a miniature  schnauzer, this time a commission of a beggar from Sweden.
As usual I request a bunch of pictures in order to start and one which I should use to base my work on: the pose of the sculpture. However that photo is the most important as usually reflects the dog’s most common posture, is of ultimate importance for me to see other photos of the dog to be sculpted, that way, I can discover more of their personality.

This little boy is getting expression on his face. I think this is the most important part of the sculpture and also the most difficult to achieve! I do not get the chance to meet the subjects in reality and only the photos help! An eye is an eye and an ear is an ear. The anatomical proportions of each breed are written on the standards, but none of that matters when I have to portray! The way each individual uses their ears, turns the head, focuses its eyes, that all that matter to me at this point of my work.
A portrait is so only when we can recognize the subject on the picture/sculpture, and are those simple details that make the biggest difference.

I have no degree in arts neither I studied sculpture or drawing, but I find throughout this activity a way to combine and express my observant and curious nature, summed by my lifetime interest in dogs, their individuality and of course having been my subject of attention since I got my first one at 9 years old.
I’m glad to be able to share my passion with you while I create these sculptures that I know bring joy and rebirth of great memories to the homes they belong to.
Have a lovely day!
For me, is being a lovely autumn day here in Denmark 🙂

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