20 years ago today Wendy was born.

How to describe who she was?? That’s hard cause to say she was my very first Schnauzer doesn’t really mean a thing. Wendy was too many things for me. Let’s start by saying that she was my role model in life. Duh? No I’m no crazy. Well, maybe, but who cares at this point. She was a very typical Giant Schnauzer, too smart for a human. She wasn’t a dog who you would teach things to but a dog who you learn things from. Determination was her greatest asset, and I tried to learn from her. A teacher doesn’t tell you what to do they just do and inspire you to be like them, in one way or another, I just didn’t wanna grow a beard, but in all other aspects I wish I could be a free as she was. Owned by no one but her own great mentality and willingness to get whatever she wanted. It sounds like a description of a stubborn dog, but it was all the opposite. She seemed to have a sense of respect and discernment that is even unusual in human beings.

At this point is not even important to mention that she inspired me to breed dogs, that’s secondary, she inspired me to live.

I was 11 when she joined my life journey, and that very day my life got meaning. It is impossible to explain the feeling or the very reason but all I did ever since had a reason to be.

For the past 6 years I’d been trying to express through my artwork my admiration and gratitude to dogs. They touch us and change us, but only if we let them, only if we humble.

Wendy left at almost 13, she fell asleep, after 6 months of a heart issue. There’s not a day I don’t look back and find a memory that puts a smile on my face.



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